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sangiacomo-logoSangiacomo Eccentric Mechanical Presses offer a solution for every need, high reliability, and advanced designs. 

Sangiacomo is a leading company in the manufacturing of eccentric mechanical presses - an expertise built on experience gathered from the world markets since the 1960's.

SangiacomoThe production of these exceptional mechanical presses is carried out completely in the premises located in Vittorio Veneto, thus allowing extensive quality control on each and every component, and serving as a strong guarantee of the workmanship invested in every press manufactured.   

  • Built for high reliability and safety
  • Customised presses available
  • F.E.M. analysis and advanced designs

The reliability and the technologies applied have allowed Sangiacomo to develop a wide range of products and solutions for metal stamping. We have described a few of these on this page, but we can offer further insight and expertise if you would like to get in touch.

C-Frame Flywheel Presses

cframeflywheelThese Sangiacomo presses offer high speed and higher productivity, with no intermediate reduction between the drive shaft and the eccentric shaft. These presses are suitable for blanking and stamping and are CE Certified.  They have a steel frame and a forged alloy steel shaft.
To underline the high quality of the components we use, all of our press control panels use a Siemens PLC for the control and adjustment of all settings and a Pilz control for the safety devices.

C-Frame Back Geared Presses

cframebackwheelThese geared presses are characterised by an high tonnage, set at a reduced nominal speed using an intermediate wheel-pinion gear system. They are suitable for blanking, stamping and deep drawing, feature many automatic operations, and are CE Certified and feature a steel frame and forged alloy steel shaft. To underline the quality of the components, the control panels use Siemens PLC for the adjustment of all settings, and Pilz safety devices.

For more information visit the Sangiacomo website.

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